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MMO games

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Our company specializes in Massively Multiplayer Online games developed in HTML5. This technology is commonly used in all browsers also in mobile devices. Users can play online without downloading and installing the games to computers. Users can play anywhere from any device like iPhone, iPad, Android phone, other smartphone.

Tauri World Battleship Dragon

Tauri World

Humans had to escape Earth. Now they struggle to survive on archipelagos of new worlds, forced to start all over again and fighting each other for scarce resources. The technology has to be re-invented and new ways of producing energy must be introduced. Based on the Tauri Engine, this Massively Multiplayer Online strategy delivers lavish, highly detailed graphic and offers months of gameplay time. Its main features include:

  • A unique, post-apocalyptic / steam punk style of graphics
  • Real-time strategy action with thousands of players on each server
  • Worldwide availability in 12 languages
  • 3 planets to colonize on each server
  • Up to 8 islands on each planet to control
  • 21 buildings to build up to 35 levels each
  • 23 ships designed to fight enemies and to help expanding your territory
  • Upgradable super-ship "Flying Fortress"
  • 19 land units and defences
  • 30 technologies
  • 17 paid bonuses (10 time limited upgrades and 7 heroes of unlimited use)
  • Dynamic alliances between players
  • In-game chat
Tauri World Light Fighter Tauri World Heavy Fighter Tauri World Frigate Tauri World Picker Ship Tauri World Spying Balloon Tauri World Flying Fortress

The main strengths of this product:

  • The game is free to play, with some advanced features available to purchase
  • The product is designed for a wide audience
  • The hardware and software requirements for playing are very low - any standard computer or a similar device (tablet, smartphone) with a modern internet browser and a broadband or 3G mobile internet connection will be capable of running the game smoothly.
Tameria Logo - Etheral

Tameria (in development)

This time we invite you on the breathtaking journey to the lands of mythic medieval fantasy. You are one of last heroes remaining in the world shrouded in darkness. Thousands of beasts await you at every corner. Use your heroic presence to gather faithful troops and vanquish loathsome monsters and terrifying wraiths from your domain. Find hidden ancient races to make them fight by your side and become an ultimate champion.

Tameria is a strategy-rpg with the following features:

  • Dozens of character classes to choose from, each with unique powers
  • Building your kingdom from scratch to gain numerous advantages
  • Breed or hire numerous creatures to fight for you -fearsome dragons and powerful knights
  • Capture and control nearby villages to gain additional resources
  • Fight other players and dominate the country
Tameria - Angel Tameria - Male Character Tameria Female Character Tameria - Harpy Tameria - Lizard Man Tameria - Succubus

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MMO games

MMO games

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MMO games
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