Investing Opportunity

Investing Opportunity

Level Up Games with its innovative products has large growth potential.
Company has got very modern product MMO game and engine for games reproducing
Our game Tauri World is very well known in a lot of game publishing networks worldwide .
The business is very scalable. The MMO players are located over whole world. We can reach over 2 billion internet users.

We are planning to produce another MMO games, acquire more users in different regions of the world for current and future titles. We focus on MMO Mobile games and MMO Browser HTML5 games.
In the next games production we will use our platform and technologies.
We will introduce new game to the publishing network which we have agreement with, as well to our own users that we have in database

We welcome investors who want to invest in game sector, fast and high return. The raised capital we want to use for games development acceleration and user acquisition.

In long horizon we are looking for stock exchange debut.

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